44 – The Complete Elfquest Volume 2

the-complete-elfquest-vol2Book Title: The Complete Elfquest Volume 2
Author: Wendy and Richard Pini
Graphic Novel
Target Audience:
Fiction, Fantasy
Page Count:
Paperback (library)
Reading time
: 4 hours
Date Finished
: 2/02/17
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My impressions: Now that I’m over my initial aversion of Elfquest, I had no trouble getting through this second graphic novel collection (which collects two follow-up stories told across 16 issues of the comic). While this book would be practically impossible for a new reader to pick up and enjoy, it’s deeply rewarding to someone who’s read through the original quest contained in Volume 1, and all that continuity goes somewhere interesting as the first story deals with the last stand and fall of the evil Winnowill, and the second focuses on the machinations of Rayek, a character who’s been a villain in the series since early on, but who seems redeemable, even if his motives and actions are often suspect.

Both stories are very strong, and since they’re less about a series of adventures and more focused on an evolving plot, they are able to give more time to developing other characters besides Cutter and his family (though these characters are still very much at the forefront of the tale). There are several interesting plot twists and an amazing sequence towards the end where the story separates Cutter from his family for what must be thousands of years… and moves the story into a new era of co-existence with the humans who populate the World of Two Moons.

The artwork is fantastic, and I’ve learned my lesson – Elfquest is far better on a large printed page than on a 7″ tablet screen. I’m excited to read the third book (which is sitting at the library on hold for me as I write this!), and I’m genuinely interested in seeing what happens to these characters over the concluding volumes.


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