18 – Drama

dramaBook Title: Drama
Author: Raina Telgemeier
Style: Graphic Novel
Target Audience: Young Adult
Genres: Fiction
Page Count: 200
Format: Hardcover (library copy)
Reading time
: 45 min
Date Finished
: 1/10/17

My impressions: After Mockingjay, I needed a palette cleanser, and Drama served that purpose well. This fun little graphic novel – like Smile and Sisters, aimed at a young teenaged audience – tells a story about a girl named Callie who’s serving as the set designer on her middle school play. She loves musical theater and has a lot of fun participating in it, but she recognizes that her role is to be behind the scenes, not on stage. Callie also has a crush on one of her fellow setworkers’ brothers, and his rejection of her as a romantic interest becomes a major part of the story when twin brothers Callie’s never met before show up and not only get involved in the play, but challenge her personally as well. One of them is quite obviously (and somewhat openly) gay, but the other keeps giving Callie mixed signals about whether he likes her as a friend, or something more.

The story is pretty low-stakes, and the characters are really sweet and likable. Callie is adorable with her enthusiasm, purple hair and crazy ideas for set pieces. The offstage drama that occurs is surprisingly tame given the middle school setting (author Raina Telgemeier certainly recalls in other books she’s written how tough that age can be!), but the story is pleasant and has a few surprising moments. While I didn’t feel this offered as strong of a story as Ghosts or as intriguing of characters as Sisters and Smile, it’s still a decent little graphic novel that’s worth reading, particularly if you need a pick-me-up after reading something darker.


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