01 – Brick Vehicles

brick-vehicles.PNGBook Title: Brick Vehicles
Author: Warren Elsmore
Style: Illustrated with text
Target Audience: Young Adult
Genres: Nonfiction, instructional, Lego
Page Count: 256
Reading time: 2 hours
Format: Paperback (library copy)

My impressions: I thought I’d begin with something easy and fun, and I rarely have trouble cracking open a Lego book and poring over it for an hour or two. Brick Vehicles is part of a series of unofficial books containing models based on real-world objects and places, but what I like about this series is that it goes into detail about the objects actually being modeled – in this case, vehicles of all shapes and sizes. It’s an enjoyable and educational read, and it’s quite neat to see the creative Lego techniques that are used to replicate things like Formula One racers, hot air balloons, roller coasters, the Da Vinci helicopter and other vehicles.

Since this book contains models built by fans rather than the Lego Group, the models are often all the more impressive for making use of existing parts rather than kits specifically designed for these builds. The author, Warren Elsmore, has also thoughtfully included some details on the naming conventions for for Lego bricks (which can be quite confusing to the casual fan!) and resources on where to find them.

I’m enamored by this whole series, and while I think Brick City is my favorite of the bunch, it was a treat to finally read Brick Vehicles. I’m glad I happened to see it at my library while I was helping my kids find their own books to read!


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